You may have noticed how many cosmetics have chosen to eliminate parabens and sulfates from their product line, here’s why.

There are many products that aren’t 100% natural, but have wisened up to eliminate sulfates and parabens from their beauty products. If you’re wondering if sulfates and parabens are harmful for you and why you should avoid them, we’re about to fill you in. 


Why You Want to Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates were added to essential products because it acts as a detergent and gives your products a nice lather. It helps remove dirt, grease and buildup from our clothing, teeth, hands, hair, scalp and bodies. However, it can also cause skin irritations, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties. In your shampoos it can strip too much of your natural oil leaving your hair very dry and rough. Sulfates in your face wash can clog pores and cause breakouts. Thanks, but no thanks. 

Why You Want to Avoid Parabens 

Parabens in your favorite products prevent microorganisms and fungus from growing inside those bottles. Here comes the ugly stuff. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer, both causing breast tumors to develop and research has found its ability to increase estrogen in the body, which has been linked to breast cancer as well. This doesn’t sound like an ingredient you want your skin or scalp to absorb - ever. 


Nature, and the women creating all natural skin care products like Dornee, are smart enough to know how to heal rather than damage our skin and hair. And now you know why you’ll only find nourishing ingredients in our body and hand lotion (and all our other life-giving products) and why we avoid ingredients like sulfates and parabens.