DorNee' Family

You all have asked many times what are my favorite products so here is a short list... short??? yeah but no and I have more

Banana Yogurt Complexion Bar- I have dry skin and I needed to create a bar that would be moisturizing and soothing. This bar is so creamy and cleanses without drying.

Luxe Facial Polish- I am in love! This product gently exfoliates, detoxifies the skin and restores moisture. It is a treat for your skin and I use it too much but I love how radiant my skin looks and feels after using it.

Luxe Facial Moisturizer-I worked on this formula for over 2 years before it was perfected and launched. Luxe Facial Moisturizer is powerful, so nourishing and will revitalize dry skin. The glow is so real and natural, I am so proud of this creation as products we use on our face must yield great results.

Heel Shield Foot Butter-Need I say why?? The obvious is to maintain soft and supple feet year round and the core of this product is the foundation to the DorNee' brand.

Lust & Amber Rose Ultimate Shea-Have you smelled these fragrances?? Treat yourself to a full on ultimate moisturizing experience. The Ultimate Shea Collection is whipped to perfection and melts into your skin.
Jasmine Lime Hemp & Shea Lotion-This collection of thick and rich body lotion that is highly moisturizing without being greasy or sticky.

Hair Repair Replenishing Butter-I am all about having a healthy head of hair. Never been into fancy styles but healthy hair and scalp has always been a priority. I created this product with ingredients that are nourishing, promotes healthy hair growth and scalp.

Mellow Kiss Hand Lotion-This fragrance is intoxicating! OMG!! but the lotion keeps my hand soft and not greasy.

Vanilla Honey Butter Cup-Can I start with I do not like the scent of vanilla!! IKR? for years I would be asked to make a product in the scent of took me 8 years to create a vanilla scent that I liked. The nerve of me but guess what, out of this collection, Vanilla Honey is my FAVORITE!! This product is the travel and purse companion. It is a complete moisturizing experience that provides a moisturizing glow.
Torrian Denise