DorNee' Family

Here are 3 ways you can maintain and keep your natural soap longer.

Don't Let It Sit In Water

After you are finished having an amazing soapy shower experience, don't leave your soap in the wet soap dish in your shower. These dishes collect water and will make the soap break down quicker. Remember our soaps are created with natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals.  Use a soap dish that has holes and allows air flow to drain water and keep the soap dry.  

Cut The Soap In Half

You know I make a large bar of soap! So another way to keep your favorite bar longer is to get a kitchen knife and cut it in half.  This will also allow you to enjoy different fragrances each week and keep family from taking your soap...I hear this all the time. Just know that the longer the soap sits, the milder it becomes so it never will "spoil" or "go bad"

Lather Soap With A Wash Cloth

When you massage the soap with a wash cloth, it will produce amazing lather quickly. Using your hands to get lather may take more use of the soap thus using your soap less. So lather up that cloth and create the perfect at home spa experience....naturally

~DorNee' Love