DorNee' Divas, 

I get a lot a questions about tips for wearing make up as we mature. Well, I grabbed my friend and celebrity MUA Sandi Mac to help us, including myself, to create the foundation for the perfect natural look for us ageless beauties. 

Here are her tips:

Makeup adheres better to hydrated skin so always moisturize before applying foundation for a smoother application and flawless look 
  • Experiment with Brown or Navy Blue eyeliner instead of Black for a softer look
  • Use a Cream Blush instead of Powder for a more youthful glow
  • Volume in our lips decreases as we age so try lining outside your lip line instead of inside the lip for a fuller pout
  • Use an eye cream before applying under Eye Concealer to hydrate the area and prevent the concealer from settling in the fine lines
  • Use a Brow Pencil or Powder to fill in thinning and sparse hairs but never use black to fill in your brows
  • Some shimmer on the lids can be fun but avid chunky glitters that can draw attention to wrinkles and sagging skin around the eye



So Divas Sandi Mac has given us some great tips to make sure we look amazing when we apply our makeup or hire a MUA. If you are local to the Cleveland Ohio area reach out to my fabulous MUA by emailing her at for the perfect face paint!!