What better time to reassess your diet and exercise routine than in summer, right?

The foods we put into our bodies have a direct impact on how we behave and feel. The ingredients we eat affect our mood, our memory and so much more. That’s why it’s so essential that we consider each and every day the choices we make and the food we are fueling ourselves with. Add exercise to your healthier diet routine and wow have you made some major life improvements on all levels. This goes well beyond weight loss and enters the realms of mental health and true vitality. 

How and Why We Can Improve Our Diet

If we want to see improvements in our skin, hair, digestion, memory, mood and lifestyle, the easiest place to make those adjustments are in our diet. There’s so many tempting dishes and snacks out there, that it’s legitimately challenging to keep up those healthy eating habits. Temptations are all around us all the time. However, summer is that perfect time to get motivated and improve that diet. Make the effort and watch all the benefits slide easily into place.

Here’s an example on how we can restart our diet from breakfast to dinner:

    1. Healthy breakfast ideas: Don’t cut out breakfast, it’s an important meal which our metabolism, heart and brains love. Some healthy breakfast options include making yourself a smoothie with frozen fruit and your favorite milk option, from coconut milk to organic milk. Eat a bowl of yogurt with your favorite seeds, fruits and berries, add in a healthy granola if you’re craving something sweet. You can also make some eggs for yourself in the morning, if you have the time for it. 
  • Healthy Lunch Options: Some healthy lunch options include a whole variety of salads (going light on the dressing), making yourself hummus the night before to take with you to work, grilled chicken, choosing a healthy bread like ezekiel bread and making a sandwich for yourself, whether it’s a turkey or tofu sandwich with some rich leafy greens. 
    1. Healthy Dinner Options: Hearty soups, chili (with or without meat), lentils, fish, beans and rice, and lean meats are all great options for dinner. Top it off with a healthy side salad and you’ll certainly earn some healthy brownie points from us! 

    If you need some inspiration, look into some healthy dinner recipes. And if you have leftovers, bring them in for lunch the next day!   

    How and Why We Can Step-Up Our Exercise Routine

    Eating healthy and exercising weekly go hand in hand. No one’s saying you should exercise everyday, but it’s great if you do! Exercise improves your mood, gives you an energy boost, will improve your skin, plus plenty of other alluring and wonderful benefits

    Anything from low-impact yoga to swimming and running count. Try to get it in first thing in the morning if you can, but if you’re more of a night person, then find the time that works for you. Even just walking daily and picking up your heart rate will have a plethora of benefits for your physical and mental health. Get into 30-day yoga videos on youtube, or find a sport that you enjoy and go for it! Start as soon as you can and experience all the incredible benefits you’ve just blessed your life with. Really, it’s just that good.