DorNee' Family!!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend enjoying your friends and family. Please remember to wear your mask and social distance... our new normal.

I am resting, well not exactly but I'm not doing nearly what I have been doing over the last few weeks. In an effort to get the doors open at the DorNee' Boutique, I have been there everyday at least 10 hours. 

I have a new employee, his name is Phil and he is a great help. This picture was taken after a looooooong work day yesterday. I am making 7 or more 40 lb batches of soap every other day. 

My son is back home and I will be cooking but just a little. He doesn't eat meat and has requested me to grill lobster, shrimp and halibut. Thank goodness that doesn't take long. 

So I will get some rest and back at it Tuesday! Enjoy and stay safe

Torrian Denise