Summer can be a really motivating time to get out and be active, but we also need some downtime. 

While it’s great for our mental and physical health to keep up an active lifestyle outdoors, we also have to remember to listen to our bodies and know when it’s time to take a break. The key here is to balance that active lifestyle with some personal time to recover and review. That’s where we really find some of that golden homeostasis. 

Knowing When to Rest

The days are longer and it’s so tempting to keep going and going and going. Too often, especially in summer, we put all this pressure on ourselves to be productive. So much so, we feel guilty when we’re “doing nothing.” However rest is essential for our mental health, it boosts our immune system, improves our memory, it improves our mood and can even improve our metabolism. One of the only ways to reduce the stress in our day-to-day lives is by knowing how and when to rest. 

Taking the Time to Meditate 

For many of us, it’s hard to stop what we’re doing once we’ve got that ball rolling. Setting aside time each day to meditate will help break up those stress levels and help us check in with ourselves. 

Meditate while treating yourself to a nice long bath with your favorite Natural Luxe Soap. Set aside time in the afternoon as your personal time to calm your mind and continue your day from a fresh mindset. You don’t have to meditate for 2 hours everyday. You can add 10 minutes to your morning, 10 minutes to your afternoon time and 10 minutes before bed to reap the benefits of meditation.  

Finding Peace from Within

This might not come as a surprise, but resting and meditating are two ingredients that will help you find that peace from within. These are two DAILY essential ingredients for each and everyone of us to live a more calming and peaceful life. It’s something we want for those we love and something we should want for ourselves as well. Don’t cut yourself short, and get caught up in the million and one things you ‘need’ to do. Take that time for yourself daily and observe how radically just 10 minutes a day of reflection and pausing can improve your life overall.