My heart is full of joy💜🎉🎉🎊🎊
October 17th was the 15th year that DorNee’ has been in business!!!! It has been a long, hard, hard, hard journey but I must say THANK YOU JESUS!
I never planned, desired or aspired to create a line of products, I attended OU & Shaw U studying Speech Pathology! Who knew??
My only goal was to help my mother's dry skin while getting chemo for pancreatic cancer. In short, my mother's death birthed DorNee'. Then God took the wheel because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.
I've worked all these years creating the line by myself while being a mother and wife to a sick husband who passed away... I have given up, felt defeated, cried nights on end, but through it all I’m glad I stood strong, found joy and I’m grateful for it all, good and bad.
Thank You💜Thank You💜Thank You💜 for your long standing support, loving me and the DorNee’ brand. I am grateful and more excited than ever to have the DorNee’ products as a staple in thousands of homes, on the shelves of several Whole Foods Markets, Lucky’s Market and Mustard Seed Market.
What’s up for the next 15 years? Who knows, but until then, I will let the Lord lead me!