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Why We Avoid Using Sulfates and Parabens in Our Products

You may have noticed how many cosmetics have chosen to eliminate parabens and sulfates from their product line, here’s why. There are many products that aren’t 100% natural, but have wisened up to eliminate sulfates and parabens from their beauty products. If you’re wondering if sulfates and parabens are harmful...

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How Stress Affects Hair and Skin

Naturally we don’t want to stress you out, but have you ever considered the ways in which stress affects your skin and hair? Most of us haven’t been raised with the tools for managing stress, but that doesn’t mean we can’t acquire those tools. Feeling anxious, being under constant pressure...

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How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

Switching to natural deodorant is one of the best things you can do for yourself today.  If you’re considering switching to natural deodorant, we’re going to fill you in on exactly what to expect. We’ll also explore some tips on how to make that transition smooth and detox-friendly. But, before...

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