Many of us know acne is not just something teenagers experience, but can appear or last well through adulthood. 

 In some ways, dealing with adult acne can be easier than dealing with teenage acne. That’s because many of us have many more resources at hand for treating and curing that acne. Furthermore, we’re more equipped to commit to a daily routine that really works. In this article we are going to explore some natural remedies for treating and preventing adult acne. 

Be Consistent

It’s incredibly important to be consistent with your skincare routine. This is one key ingredient for preventing and fighting off acne breakouts. 

  1. Wash your face both morning and night to prevent any grease or dirt from clogging your pores. 
  2. Make sure that you’re using warm water when washing your face and that you gently dab your face to dry off the excess moisture. 
  3. Follow up with your toners and serums before applying your moisturizer. 

Make Sure you don’t skip out on this, as it’s key in keeping your skin clear. And yes, that means after a long night out when you just feel like crashing, you take that extra step to wash your face. It also means when you’re rushing out in the morning, that you yes, prioritize your skincare routine. 

Pick the Correct Products For Your Skin Type

We can’t stress this enough. It’s essential that you’re using the right products on your skin that were designed to treat your skin condition. You want a cleanser that will deeply penetrate those pores and work at shrinking those pores to prevent future breakouts. You also want a cleanser that will dry out excess oil, but won’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry. This can trigger your sebum glands to produce excess oil. 

Dornee’s Luxury Face Bundle is designed for both men and women who are dealing with acne. It will effectively clear away any breakouts and prevent them from appearing down the line - when used consistently. We’ve hand selected some of nature’s most powerful ingredients that will balance out your skin and finally clear away any of those bumps and blemishes. 


And lastly, it's imperative to pay close attention to your diet. What ingredients are triggering? Are you more prone to breaking out after eating milk and cheese products, after eating gluten products, or after eating fried or processed foods?

These are things you should take note of and experiment by cutting out a variety of ingredients from your diet until you can identify those triggers. Replace unhealthy food with healthy, life-giving ingredients like smoothies, natural fresh juices, salads, fish, legumes, nuts and beans. Watch how your diet along with your skincare routine can transform your skin once and for all.