Switching to natural deodorant is one of the best things you can do for yourself today. 

If you’re considering switching to natural deodorant, we’re going to fill you in on exactly what to expect. We’ll also explore some tips on how to make that transition smooth and detox-friendly. But, before we stick our hands in the rose bush, let’s shave off some of those thorns first, thorns being the stuff in your standard deodorant that make them so harmful and toxic. 

Why Should I Transition to Natural Deodorant?

There are several, yes several, ingredients in deodorant that should stay far away from. Aluminum, phthalates, and mineral oil are just some of those dangerous ingredients linked to harmful health concerns. 

  1. Phthalates can cause hormonal disruptions and can lead to reproductive issues. One study found that 31% of pregnancies exposed to phthalates resulted in a miscarriage. 
  2. Heavy metals like aluminum block sweat, which is what people love so much about antiperspirants. But little did we know that when we block that sweat from making its way out of our body, it can lead to toxins building up in our body, which unfortunately can increase risks of cancer, infertility, and autoimmune diseases. Really doesn't sound worth it to us! Furthermore, heavy metals are banned in cosmetics in all of Europe, Canada and Japan - why the U.S. is so far behind, one can only guess…
  3. Mineral Oil and other petroleum based lubricants can in fact contain carcinogens and are known to cause skin irritation and acne. 

This is really only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re still using antiperspirants or conventional deodorant we’d strongly encourage you to well, carefully drop them in the trash. If you’re not ready to go that far, how about picking a few of the ingredients on the bottle and doing some research on the safety of those ingredients. Looks like the FDA is leaving it to us to make that choice. Here and here are useful lists that may help you separate the toxic ingredients from the less harmful ones.


What to Expect During the Transition

If you’ve been using an antiperspirant then your pores are clogged and will need to go through a detox. Natural soap with activated charcoal will help stimulate and speed up the detox process. Here’s what you may experience:

  1. Your Sweat May Smell Different 

Your sweat may smell unfamiliar during this period. This is your body’s way of getting rid of all those toxins that have been trapped for so long. It’s perfectly normal and is actually a good sign. Your body is incredibly smart and whoever is responsible for designing our bodies truly knew what they were doing! 

  • Re-Applying Natural Deodorant
  • You may find that you need to re-apply your natural deodorant at different points during the day. The best way to reapply your natural deodorant is after a warm shower. Your armpits should be dry when you apply your deodorant, so if you’ve already started to sweat, you’ll want to clean and dry off that sweat. 

  • You May Perspire More
  • You may perspire more during those first few weeks and that’s perfectly normal. Again that’s your way of your body excreting all those toxins from your body. Better out than in right? 

    Your body sweats as a way of balancing out your body temperature, it’s your body’s ingenious way of harmonizing itself from the inside out. After the first month you should be sweating less. Many people even sweat less than ever before with natural deodorant once they find this beautiful equilibrium. 


    Tips on Making the Transition Easier

    Here are some simple tips for preparing and pampering yourself during your transition. 

    Detox Soap

    As we mentioned, it’ll be really useful having a soap with activated charcoal that will assist in the detox process. Activated charcoal works at attracting and drawing out toxins from the body, while gently exfoliating the surface layer of the skin so no dirt or bacteria gets trapped in there. 

    Don't get discouraged

    Transitions always feel a little funny. Don’t get discouraged by the newness of it all. Remember that you’re working towards something that is both healthier and safer for you. 

    Find the Best Natural Deodorant for You

    Don’t forget that you can smell wonderful with natural deodorants, that’s what they're made for afterall! You may have to try a few different deodorants to find the one that best suits you. We dare you to try and stink while using Dornee’s natural lavender rose deodorant!