Thank You DorNee' Family

Posted by Torrian Denise on 6/11/2019
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DorNee' Family!

I just wanted to send you all a BIG THANK YOU! Your support of the DorNee' brand is truly amazing. I want to thank everyone from state to state that shops online and send me love through social media ( & IG: DorNeeNaturalBodyLuxuries) and those of you locally that stop in the DorNee' Boutique and shop my Whole Foods & Mustard Seed Retail Partners.

This weekend I hosted my annual Spring Shopping Bazaar.  It was jammed packed, the vendors were amazing and everyone had a great time. Thank you for your support.

I will take a few days off from the DorNee' Boutique to get some rest and catch up on some very important administration work.

Things are changing with the DorNee' brand, updates and new partnerships that I will share as I get closer to finalizing the partnership.

The product line is getting streamlined, going back to my foundation and my expertise of targeted skincare, therefore I am clearing out my Spring Collection of Artisan Body Bars so catch the sale for $5.50 Once they are gone.....well you know the rest.

Oh, the DorNee' brand has now partnered with Black Girls Run! So if you are a member of BGR! go to their official website to read about my Partnership with them and how you will benefit!

In the meantime I will be working from home and sending you all virtual DorNee' Love! Thank you for all you do!

DorNee' Love~