Restful Nights

Posted by Discussion With DorNee' on 2/13/2017
DorNee' Family, 
What does it take to get you to have a good night sleep? For some it takes soft music playing, others the sound of water, birds chirping and so on. Some people don't have a clue, they just want a good night sleep. 

For me I need a peaceful mind. Peace in knowing that if I have a restful night, I will be more focused the next day, which allows for creativity and the ability to tackle the hectic schedule I have with a positive outlook. I like to have a clear mind and good thoughts before I get in bed. Sometimes it is tough with the challenges of life, but a restful night will allow me to be ready for all things that tomorrow will bring. I like to meditate or recite The Prayer of Jabez before bed.

For those of you that are need of a restful night sleep, make sure before you get into bed you:

1. Don't carry any worries of the day in bed with you.
2. Pray for a peaceful mind with healthy thoughts.
3. Be thankful for all things good, bad or indifferent.
4. Realize your greatness.
5. Know that if you have faith, there is no need to fear.
6. Believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Have a restful night, good dreams for a brighter tomorrow.

DorNee' Love~