DorNee' Divas Saturday Night Live

Posted by Torrian Denise on 9/14/2018

DorNee' Family,

I told you in the previous blog that events have been going on at the new location that has been the buzz in the city. Let me tell you how it really has been going down in the DorNee' Boutique. Since the location is larger, I can host events, you can utilize the space for gatherings, book signings and the new hottest event I've started, DorNee' Diva Saturday Night Live. This is a Sip & Soap event that I host once a month that brings my Divas out to make products, sip wine, laugh, dance and sip more wine!

The kick off was 8/25 and it was so much damn fun I lost my voice with laughter and joy. There were 28 of they wildest and most creative DorNee' Divas in the house, 2 of which were celebrating birthdays that I was praying I would not get an eviction notice the next day!

Since the kick off, the weekends has been booked with Sip & Soaps hosted by my customers bringing their Flossy Posse in the doors celebrating life through product making, tapping into their creativity as it is required to tell a story about the products they've created....Use your imagination, they did and hunty these ladies were OFF THE CHAIN.

Want to have some fun, do something different and tap into your creativity? Host a Sip & Soap by reaching out by emailing [email protected] for details or reserve your space for my next Saturday Night Live 9/22 by going online toDorNee' Diva Saturday Night Live  Reach out by emailing [email protected] for details

DorNee' Love~