About Us

Torrian Denise, a nail technician for many years and Salon owner, I was always on a quest to find products that would moisturize my client's hands and feet. In 2001, in search of Christmas gifts that moisturize dry, cracked feet for my clients between pedicure visits, especially in the cold winter months, I was introduced to raw shea butter. These gifts went over well and my clients began requesting to purchase more. I saw an immediate difference and my clients were pleased with the texture and suppleness of their feet. Some clients started to use the handmade butters over their entire body.

In 2004 my mother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. While going through chemotherapy treatments, my mother who I shared a passion for perfumes and body products with, began having extremely dry skin from the medicine and treatments. I would have her use a raw shea butter concoction I made and it played a major role in restoring the lost moisture in her skin. This allowed her to maintain a sense of normalcy, for my mother was known for her natural beauty.

Throughout my mother's illness, as I continued to see the difference the natural products made on her skin, I knew that I had to continue research. When my mother took her last breath, I felt like I took my first breath at a continued chance for blessing others with natural products. I began an intense research on natural ingredients and their benefits. With much prayer, DorNee' (which is a combination of the word adore and my mother's name Renee') was born.

My mission and commitment to you is to only use the finest of natural ingredients, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates or any other harsh chemicals. You will only get nourishing skin loving ingredients in every product!